Mission Statement


Too many lives have been cut short and we've had enough. We will outsmart cancer and beat it at its own game. We educate, encourage and empower. We Kill Kancer. Join us.


Karl Mueller was the bass player in Soul Asylum, a rock band he founded with friends in the 80s in Minneapolis. When he got esophageal cancer in 2004, the Twin Cities came together to support him, raising money with benefit concerts to help with his overwhelming medical bills.

Karl lost the fight with cancer a year later. He was way too young, only 41. When Karl passed, his wife Mary Beth started The Karl Fund. She decided all the money raised here, would stay here in Minneapolis. It supports the community through research at the U of M, neighborhood projects and local events.

What started as benefit concerts for one rock star has become a network of support for an entire community, now called Kill Kancer. It’s an unstoppable force dedicated to doing just that, killing cancer by working to prevent it.

“You can’t rock if you’re dead.”
-Mary Beth Mueller, Karl’s wife

Board of Directors

Hover Mary Beth Mueller
Mary Beth Mueller
Hover Peter Kelsey
Peter Kelsey
Hover Bruce Brabec
Bruce Brabec
Hover P.D. Larson
P.D. Larson

In 2005 I lost my husband, Karl Mueller, to cancer. He was just 41 years old. I have seen too many of my friends struggle with this horrendous disease. Cancer changed my entire world and this is the only way I know to fight back.

Chef, baker and father of two boys, Peter started the New French Bakery in 1995 after co-founding two local restaurants, Faegre’s and Sidney’s Pizza Café. In 2007 he was diagnosed with tongue cancer most likely caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Treatment at the Mayo Clinic was successful. However, there are vaccines available for young people, and Kill Kancer is the perfect vehicle to get the vaccination rate up, and prevent oral, cervical and anal cancers caused by the virus.

Bruce has been a CPA for 26 years and has worked with Soul Asylum, Tim Mahoney, Golden Smog, Kevin Bowe and the Okemah Prophets, as well as a myriad of corporate and personal clients. Bruce is a kancer killer because he doesn’t want his grandchildren to inherit a world without a remedy for this terrible disease.

P.D. has been involved in many facets of the Twin Cities music scene since 1978: music critic, writer, publicist, archivist, logistical specialist, digital property administrator and, most of all, an avid live music fan. He’s lost family members and friends to cancer and has seen its devastating impact up close and personal. He’s gratified to be part of Kill Kancer because the battle against many cancers is a winnable one and self-empowering. Grass roots efforts like Kill Kancer will be a significant part of that effort.

Hover Rafael Andrade
Rafael Andrade
Hover Kate Andrade
Kate Andrade
Hover Jody Wahl
Jody Wahl
Hover Tom & Sarah Giel
Tom & Sara Giel

Rafael is a cancer surgeon at the University of Minnesota and is one of the surgeons who took care of Karl Mueller. Rafael kills kancer for a living and is developing a new way to nip esophageal cancer in the bud.

Kate is a public health researcher and studies how society, environment, and lifestyle influence health and disease. Cancer has affected Kate’s family, so Kate kills kancer kuz kancer sucks.

Like most of us, Jody has been affected by cancer. Her mother died from breast cancer at age 39 leaving behind five young children, and her father suffered from prostate, throat and tongue cancer in his later years. Jody worked in the Charities Division of the Minnesota Attorney General’s office for 23 years, and has extensive knowledge of the laws governing charitable organizations, and hopes to put this experience to use in making Kill Kancer the leading organization in improving lives.

Tom and Sarah want to Kill Kancer because it has affected their family and friends. As parents to two young boys, they realize healthy habits at an early age can make a huge difference in your overall health and cancer prevention. The Giels support a number of charitable organizations and are proud to serve as founding board members of Kill Kancer.



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